Part 5 - Muscle Memory and Experimentation

So its post Christmas and the New Year has been and gone. I'm months passed my original launch date but that is ok.

No pressure. Just crack on and get going. I vaguely state Q1 2017 as the date to go!

Tee shirts are done, Stickers are done. I really need to get some decks to sell.

And so i approach the printing rig and materials with a little trepidation. Lets get this done. All the decks now have logos printed topside and under. Just the Annie image to do now. 

I've reduced the size to help cope with the concave and the size of my squeegee.

First attempt. Not perfect. Not really bad though. I wipe off and do it again.  

Looks good! 

Ok, target for today is 5. Lets do 5. 

I keep going. I end up at 20+! 

At some point over this journey i am remembering the pressure to press with, the speed to go, the angle of the squeegee and there is something like instinct telling me when its going to work and when i need to clean out the screen and start afresh.

This. Is. Good.

I can start to plan. 

Join me in the next episode - Part 6 - Aprils Fool Day