Part 6 - Aprils Fool Day

Where was I?

Oh aye, it was around February and things are heating up! 

The great thing about the skateboarding community is that on the whole its pretty supportive. It seems to have a large proportion of creative types - whether that's music, some form of visual art or design. So during the months of trial and error i've let a few folk see the logo and designs and shared the general ethos of Doric Skateboards (a celebration of the language and culture of the NE of Scotland and a nod to the architecture that gave skaters the streets and obstacles the platform to express themselves). The response was good - i'm not the type who'll take criticism or compliments too seriously. Doric Skateboards wasn't going to be a company created by committee but i know when to take advice and when to have the courage of my convictions. 

Around this time i decided to contact the local paper to help generate a bit of publicity. Essentially i wrote the article and provided some example pics. This was supposed to be followed up with a wee chat and actual pics but to my horror they printed it anyways. The pic wasn't great and it added a wee bit of pressure but after the dust settled i was happy enough - a full page advert for free.

Things were hotting up - a longtime well known skater, Zee Yule, who has his own Zine had contacted me asking if i wanted to be featured in a future issue alongside other Scottish Skate brands. Yes. Yes please. And did i want to sponsor the Scottish skate comp War of the Thistles. Yes. Yes please. The comp was April 1st. So i had to launch by then.

And i did. We did. March 31st Doric Skateboards went "live" on the website, FB and IG. 

Seems like a long time ago now. ; )

Part 7 - Order. Coming soon.