Part 1 - Why Not?

I'm a big fan of podcasts. One such podcast is Scroobius Pips Distraction Pieces. Pip is a poet, a writer, a rapper, an actor and pod-caster. Each week he has guests on to discuss a variety of topics. What often comes up in conversation is how people got to where they are. What decisions did they make that lead them on the path to now. 

Pip often says the following (and i'm paraphrasing) - "If you can't think of enough legit reasons to NOT do something then you should do it". 

Essentially you are asking yourself, "Why not?".

Now to be fair there are limits. If i asked myself "Could i be an astronaut?" i would probably reply with dozens of reasons as to why i couldn't.

But "Can i start my own skateboard company?"

"Why Not?"

"Er, em, i don't know? Because you might fail?", "You'll look stupid?", "You don't know what you are doing?". They weren't legit reasons.

The idea of Doric Skateboards had been milling around for quite a while but around August 16 i sent an email to my brother Mark outlining the idea behind it, who and what it would be and what the first graphic would be. That was the moment i had decided i was going to do it. No more debate. Why not? Mark had not long taken the plunge and started and so he was a naturally someone i was going to ask (lots) of questions. After a good chat at his office he offered to do the logo and help out with the strategy for launching. 

But before all of that i had to have something to sell. Skateboard decks. Screen printed the traditional way. By hand. And at home. That was the goal. So first things first - or not first but next. Next things next - that's better. How would i screen print? Could i learn? What ink would i use? What screens? Whats a squeegee? Whats emulsion? Isn't that what we use on walls?

That's where Peacock Visual Arts Studio came in. 

Part 2 - I'm a Fraud...