Part 8 - The Great Unknown

So once all the dust has settled and you've sold a few things to friends and family you start to get that fear. 

Who the hell is going to buy my stuff? Then something amazing happens. A complete stranger buys something..!

Its a deeply satisfying moment. You can tell yourself that this is a project that its all about your own means to expression and an output for your art but really deep down we all want some form of validation. But just like criticism i don't take compliments too seriously. 

And its with that that i start to think about the next graphics. I love the Annie image. But i need to start get going with something new. It won't be long until the graphic becomes tired. 

In the meantime i source a few new shapes to do some more refined Annie Street Dreams decks. Changes the size of the wording  and re-aligned it slightly. Looking good! Each time i screen i learn something new - its not always a pleasant lesson! But the more i go the more confident i become. 

Next time in the Doric Blog....whats a Bon Accord???