Getting out of my Comfort Zone

For 2 weeks across February/March in Aberdeen the Creative Learning teams Arts Across Learning Festival sees artists/makers (call them what ye want) descend on primary schools.

The purpose is to celebrate the arts and their value to learning and teaching. The festival brings a stimulating wealth of learning experiences to spark imagination and enthusiasm for learning to nursery and primary pupils and their teachers for free! (words from the horse mouth!).

It was way back in October that i was asked if i wanted to take part. Nice safe October where February THE NEXT YEAR feels a million miles away!

Ha! Then its Christmas, then its February very quickly and you know you have to get out of that comfort zone.

The set up was myself and Gabi of Small Stories fame would go into schools for 2 hours sessions. Sessions consisted of a very short talk about our journeys and then onto designing something that we would be screen printing onto some blank decks to gift to the school.

Gotta say i was nervous about it! Since starting Doric Skateboards i’ve done a couple of presentations and workshops about it all via Art Hive/Look Again/Etsy. But they were to adult human beings. This was to small humans.

I needn’t have worried. I had a blast.! The enthusiasm and talent on display was inspiring - might nick some of their ideas (joke).

Anyway - some pics below and keep yer eyes peeled to find out what the 4 decks will look like! Hoping to get them screened for mid - April.

Thanks again to Creative Learning and Gabi for involving me. Means a lot.