Its Been a While

Its been a few months since the last blog entry - thats no reflection on having nothing to say. Quite the opposite - i’ve just been too busy to get it all down!

So this blog entry will be a good chance to fill in some of whats been going on!

Last time i wrote anything it was about getting out of the comfort zone. Read it here. Some pictures below of the output from that venture!

Since March we’ve launched a few new designs/collaborations:

We have 2 new Screen Printed collaborations in the bag and hopefully out this year!

I’ve kept out of the comfort zone recently too with a workshop at Peacock Visual Arts. It was the first workshop i’ve ran solo and i think (hope!) it went well. It was a screen your own deck workshop - the idea was to have some pre-prepared screens for people and give them a go in their own colour combo.! Everyone went away with something unique! Thanks to all that came (shout out to Mike from Elgin Skate Shop ESP for coming down) and to the team at Peacocks for trusting me! Keep your eyes peeled for another of these soon i hope!

We’ve also been at the fantastic Inspired Nights on the Green with a wee pop up - back again in September - click here for more info.

And we acquired our first two team riders! It was always something i shy’d away from to be honest but Fraser and Pete fit the bill in more ways than one and i think everyone has been enjoying their clips and pics. Can’t wait see them get a session together. Check out their Instagram pages here for Fraser and here for Pete! Very thankful that those guys want to represent Doric. More riders to come perhaps later this year, almost certainly next.!

I’ve been trying to get out more too - usual story of work/life/friends timetable getting in the way! But having just got a car for the first time in 10 years i’m able to get out more easily which is a boost!

Next on the horizon is a talk at Grays School of Art about skateboard design - at least my take on it and how it applies to Doric. Another opportunity that i couldn’t say no to even though i feel like a massive impostor. ! News on that when it happens!

After that we have a couple of collaborations - one local and one not so local (but with a twist!).

Also - if you are reading this then you get first news on a Doric event lined up for late November at Transition. 23rd November 4-10pm. Mark your diaries.!

Blog post next month will document the making of the newest collaboration and how thats come together.!

Or i’ll forget and not do another blog post for 6 months…!

Until then - thanks for the continued support!