Fit Like? Nae bad, yersel?

As promised in the last blog, this one will have a look at the most recent collaboration.!

This one is between myself and local street artist Fit Like Art.

Fit Like came up with a concept very early in the year but due to its subject nature we had to keep it until November 2nd!

Once this design was locked it was over to Fit Like to use stencils to throw up some graphics on the nose and tail of each deck. Screen printing on the nose and tail will require a bit more development in equipment for me but doing it this way made perfect sense. FL used a variety of stencils to recreate his collectives logo and his own logo along with liberal splatterings of ink.! This makes each deck unique.

It was then over to me to screen print the run. I’d already done a dry run of the main graphic and at the last minute decided on the green, white, red fade. Originally i had thought of just a white undercoat.

But first the topside logos needed done. They can be a right bugger to do - you are screening with the concave and need to be quick, firm and steady.! It can lead to mistakes….

Once done it was time for the main graphic. Using the 3 colour fade for the undercoat can be messy - you might need to clean out the screen every now and then. The wee detailing is done with a sliver and then the main black outline - its amazing how it all comes together.

I took the opportunity to produce the whole run of tees and totes for this collaboration. I had messed around with printing on other mediums but this was a whole new thing. Thankfully i got through it with minimum waste.! Its a different ball game doing it on clothing. Screening on a curved, shiny surface of a skateboard has its challenges but so does clothing.! Ink consumption being one - didn’t really factor just how much it would eat up!

Super stoked with the response to this one so far though. We have a planned launch night at Fierce Bar on Nov 1st. Hopefully we’ll still have something to sell! 😃 I’ll make sure we have a few extra tees.!

From this we jump on to the next event at Transition Extreme. Head over to the Facebook Page event for more info. Really looking forward to this one.!

To keep in touch with where we will be this year (Chr*stmas) check out the websites Whats Happening page.! I’ll hopefully be adding an event or two to that soon.! And maybe another collaboration to sneak in.! ??

Part 12 - Where was I? Oh aye!

When i started this blog it was supposed to follow the story roughly speaking of where we got where we are, and then very conveniently dovetail with now. Then i could keep it more relevant. 

But i've dipped in and out of a few things since the last part which was Part 9 - Whats a Bon Accord?

I'll nip away and re-read that to see where i was. 

Ok, read it. Sorted. Ready to go. 

So the design is locked down - kudos to Nicola, my pal Craig and my brother Mark for their input. Worth mentioning here that you very quickly have to accept criticism and suggestions. Sometimes its right! Even though i think its important to have the courage of your convictions - you need to be flexible and honest. If something works better another way - do it. 

Although the Annie Street Dreams deck had a few colours in it, there was a degree of flexibility with the design. A millimeter here or there didn't really effect the image. However with this one i had to line up 4 screens with 4 different colours to create one image. Easy eh? 

So some of the first things i discovered was that overlapping the images was the way forward. No overlap means you have to get it BANG on. i.e. line up the screen to the image each time and ensure that its millimeter perfect. Not easy. Especially when screening on a curved deck! 

Also needed to think about which direction to screen. You pull (or push if you like it that way) the ink through the screen and that deposits the ink onto your deck. A squeegee is used but they aren't really soft enough (that i've found) to take on the curve. So i screened width ways - this has its own issues. The contact between the deck and the screen can be an issue and the pressure you put on makes all the difference. Too much pressure on the part closest to the screen means you are going to make a mess - not enough pressure on the part furthest from the screen means you arent going to deposit enough ink.

So its a balance. 

Overlapping images for sure - i'm in the midst of re-doing some of the images so that i can get the next one bang on - Irn Bru colour fyi.

Then i thought - why can't my squeegee be curved? 

So i chopped one up kind of worked a treat! 

Still some work to do to make one perfect but its the way forward for me. 

Whatever works eh?

Some images below of the process - this doesn't include the ones of me crying when i messed things up..look out for the one i did upside down. Ha! : )