north east scotland

Part 13 - Happy Birthday!

So March was an exciting month. Our second deck colab came out - to get to work with Small Stories was amazing. So chuffed! And even better that its been so well received. Thanks to everyone for their support and to Small Stories for the colab! : )

But March was also the Doric Skateboards Birthday.

March 31st 2017 was when we launched and to celebrate we set up a free skate at Transition Extreme to any and all. We also ordered cake (in the shape of a massive rowie), made up wee party bags and generally tried to encourage all sorts of folk to come down and have a blast! 

I spent most of the day of the bash feeling sick that no one would turn up - happy to say that wasn't the case! Really can't thank folk enough for turning up from all over the North East and beyond. And a special shout out to the folks that took gifts! Never saw that coming! : )

Really hope everyone enjoyed it! 

So that's now all over with its back to the drawing board. Whats next?

  • New deck design? Aye.
  • New hoodies? Aye
  • New tees? Aye.
  • New "other stuff"? Aye.

2018 will be another exciting year for us and if we can pull off some of the stuff planned i hope it can cement Doric Skateboards as a skate brand that's honest, fun and inclusive. 

Check out some of the pics from the bash below or check out the video from the day on the FB page and IG! 

Cheers for now - off to get my thinking head on!