So What? Whats Next?

Haven't updated this in a month or two. Thought it was worth doing if only for future me to remember what i did in my 40's...

So it's been the busiest few months we've had (writing this in October). We've had a couple of new collaboration decks, tees, hoodies and stickers plus we held our first ever pop up/takeover at the Belmont Kino Bar.

Massive thanks to all involved! 

Time to take stock and see what’s next!

First up new clothing:

  • Skyline Tees - they will be back and in two different colours plus we’ve went for a new quality of tee!

  • Beanies - 2 new styles on their way and a 3rd already in stock.

  • Sweatshirts - really stoked with these. We only got a small amount in so we’ll be stocking up again asap.!


  • Doric X TX Night - this will be on the 23rd November 6-10pm - the full shindig will be announced soon on FB!!

  • Etsy Made Local - we’ll be at the Etsy pop up 29th Nov - 2nd Dec. Expect our full range of stuff to be on sale. We’ll try to do some exclusives too to make it special!

  • We also have another Christmas Pop up that hasn’t been officially announced yet so i’ll stay quiet on that for now!

Aside from planning all these things and keeping up with orders i’ve managed to get on my board every week at Transition for about 6 weeks now. Its been great to meet up with folk down there and see folk getting on boards for the first time in a long time!

When i launched Doric Skateboards i had one pal to skate with and he lived in Dundee! It was difficult to find folk to skate with when i got back on a board in my 30’s. When you are younger its far easier to make friends (i mean what kind of weirdo just rocks up to a park at my age! : ) ) but i’m stoked to have made so many in the last 2 years. Same goes for the people in Aberdeen who’ve embraced us in the Arts, Culture and Business sector. I knew approximately Zero of these people when i launched. But i got out of my comfort zone and plucked up courage to speak to people and get involved in things i never saw coming. So thankful for that!

Anyways, thats a wee update and i’ll include pics below of the goings on of the last few months!! By no means exhaustive but it does give a flavour and i’m aware this isn’t really a blog but more of a news thing. Not sure what the difference is but i just wanted to acknowledge that! Ha! Cheers. And Happy Halloween.