Part 7 - Friends and Family

Anyone who has started a business can testify to the importance of friends and family. When you launch they are firmly behind you - they'll be the ones sharing FB posts and buying up T-Shirts and other merchandise.

Often that leaves you with a pang of guilt - are they just buying stuff just to be nice? Or do they just want to show some support and encouragement? Maybe they actually like the stuff??

I imagine its a combination of all of that. And that's fantastic! The first days and weeks of launching are fraught with self doubt and over analysis. I liken the support to them cheering you on at a fun run - we all know i'm no Olympic champ but they'd cheer me on anyways. Not that i'd ever run - running is for 2 things, being chased or chasing. 2 things i hope i don't have to do anytime soon. Anyway, where was i?

So once the excitement of that first week dies down you get the fear. Where is the next sale going to come from? 

I can't over emphasise the excitement of a new order coming in. This goes ten fold when its a complete stranger. Someone has found you, somehow, and has parted with their hard earned cash. 

So the first month you get a pass - the second month and beyond? Anyone's guess.